And now, a quick commerical break

So, I'm dog-sitting a fun-loving wolf-pack this week. It's a set of five dogs that Justin and I check on three times a day to let them out, give them love and make sure their bellies are full of yummy dry dog food goodness (remember, I'm never feeding a dog wet food ever again).

Notice the wrinkles on his tounge? It's funny. Trust me.
Problem is, they're -- with the exception of one -- various different breeds of terriers. We have Duncan, the alpha of the pack, who is a goregous Westie (and my personal fav). His tounge is also bigger than his mouth can support, so just the tip of it always hangs out. Then there is Jack, the Jack-Russell terrier; Kingsley, the Pomeranian; Elvis, the Yorkie; and, Bella, a dark-,coarse-haired terrier mix. Bella is the only female of the group, and also the one who randomly barks for no reason. Most of the time, the guys just ignore her after awhile because she won't shut up, and you could probably make some societal conclusions about the whole affair if you think about the interaction long enough.

As cute as they are, their breed type also means they shed horribly. And this morning, I decided to wear an all-black outfit to check in on them before heading to work. I looked like I had my own coat of hair by the time I got to work.

And so, I remembered that the 3M Half Marathon goodie bag at my desk had a spare Scotch Lint Roller in it. Funny story -- I've never used or owned one before. I guess I felt like I never "needed" it. After using it today, I'm totally going to the employee store at work and loading up. And giving them as gifts. And the best part is, they make a line of pet-hair removal rollers with a picture of Duncan on it! Okay, it's not Duncan really, but it could easily pass as his twin brother. And I wouldn't be buying the silly thing because of the dog on the packaging, but because the adhesive is specially designed to pick up pet hair!

Who knew that adhesive could be that vertisle? I didn't until working here ;) So with that said, check out this YouTube clip of a Post-It Sticky Note holding up a phone book. My favorite part is they make it look all scientific with the protective glasses and lab coat! Ha!

So let's see. How many obvious product placements did I put into this ridiculous post about my outfit having dog hair all over it? Post-It Sticky Notes, Scotch Lint Roller, the Scotch Pet-Hair Roller line of products, and then a subtle mention about the 3M Half Marathon, which I expect you guys to run/walk. So four. Not too shabby ;)

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