To Go or Not To Go... A Decision on Going to my 10-Year Reunion

As some of you know, I've been toying with the idea of skipping my 10-year high school reunion. Justin is indifferent (we were in the same school, graduating class) and given the last year and a half, I don't really want to be asked about how my life is going. Because, news flash, it sort of sucks right now.

You know how it will go down, right? Something to the effect of, "Justin and Jenni! Never thought you two would date, let alone marry. ("Yeah, I'm pretty shocked  sometimes too...") How's life treating you? You both were so bright in high school, I bet you have great jobs. So, how's it going? Started having a family yet?"

And then my answer will inevitably be something along the lines of, "I'm going to go cry in that corner now." In some ways, I want to pull a Romy and Michelle and say I invented the Post-Its. It's not that far fetched, really. I do work for the company that invented them. Hahaha. Unfortunately, I am not in R&D and I'm not an chemist specializing in adhesives, so that would be a short-lived discussion. Or it should be... I wonder how far I could take that discussion with people... :)

But at the end of the day and after talking with several people of various ages and high school experiences, I think I would regret not going. It's not like I have to stay for the full four hours. If I start feeling uncomfortable, I can just leave. It's not like high school, where I have to see anyone the following Monday in Calculus class. Well, except for Justin, who was in my Calculus class. But, more importantly, the DMB concert in Dallas is the following night, and so I'll most likely be in town anyways. So, why not?

And maybe I'll be a dork and wear my prom dress. I'm kidding. Someone borrowed that dress from me about six years ago and and never gave it back. Jerk. I loved that dress.


Babs said...

I think we should have had a blast from the past prom theme! Regardless, a few glasses of vino can make the dullest conversation seem interesting, and at least we wont be the ones who got fat. Can't wait to see you next Friday. If anything we can say we are superstar bloggers....way better than post-its.

- babs

Jenni said...

Superstar bloggers... I like your line of thinking.

Regardless, very excited to see you next Friday!

Babs said...

Just looked at the dress in your picture, and it is so Gwyneth Paltrow Oscar win circa 1998-9. What year was this?

Jenni said...

2000 :) And that's exactly why I purchased this dress! I loved her dress -- I think it was when she won her Oscar.

I even remember where I got it and the price. Lord and Taylor at North Park on clearance for $80. Score!