Happy Birthday Ashley

i forgot to give ashley a shout out birthday wish yesterday, which is horrible – although i did call her to wish her a happy birthday, but i’m making up for it today!
so happy belated birthday ashley, and thanks for being a swell friend, and not psycho, like some people. thanks for rooming with me in college, and all that comes with that crazy task – sharing clothes, watching the disney family channel all day on sundays, etc. many fun times to come! wee!


Adventures in Bowling

as a member of the culture club at work, ivette and i planned the first bowling activity for the office. as such, we had a freaking blast and managed to fit in three games, though that final round was a tad hurried. first off, i suck at bowling as evident by the scores. my game totals were as follows: 84, 104, 87. however, the picture i choose to show you is of the ever elusive strike i made and the subsequent dance that followed.

mmmm... and nothing like non-seasoned french fries at the bowling alley. at least i wasn't stupid enough to purchase meat-related products at the dart bowl cafe.


every few months, it seems like i try something new and i like it. back in october/november, it was sushi. i had never had sushi up to that point, because i thought it was going to suck. it turns out i was quite wrong.

since that point, i eat sushi once a week, maybe even twice. there is just some about the mix of soft rice and raw fish touching the palette that is a sensory overload.

then on saturday i had, and cooked with, a mango for the first time, trying out this mango/grill pork recipe. since then, i think i’ve had a mango everyday. where the heck has this fruit been my whole life?! there’s something about the juicy sweetness of the mango and its texture that is so freaking good.

anyways, i started thinking about my addictions in general. and every single addiction i have is to some food product: mango, sushi, gran’s sugar cookies with the good sprinkles on top, shrimp, lobster when i can afford it, girl scout cookies when in season, the list goes on and on.

why couldn’t i be addicted to exercise, or practicing my violin, something that is actually good for me? argh. i guess that is the problem with addictions, they choose you. jerks.


Happy Birthday Ivette!

I just wanted to give a little shout out to my friend Ivette, who is celebrating her twenty-fifth birthday today. Her cheeriness and friendship has been great this last year, and I look forward to many more trips to Las Vegas, especially if Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds are involved!

On a side note, this picture with Ivette and Justin is just funny.


Down Walter, WHOA!

it was a pretty long day at work yesterday, so naturally when i got home, i just wanted to relax, chill, and hang with my dog. it’s my m.o., how i kick it, how i roll.

he was pretty excited to see me too, and i played with him a little harder than i usually do, and i guess he was grateful, excited, aroused?

out of nowhere, walter starts going to town on my leg, and i had to shake him off of it. i was pretty disgusted at his display of affection/arousal, but at the same time it was pretty funny.

kinda reminds me of brian on family guy when he had the hots for lois. except brian was a lot more conspicuous than walter.

needless to say, i will not be playing with walter in the near future. he will get his pets and the occasional hug, but that’s it. yuck.


Hey you, yeah, I'm talking to YOU.

cyber stalking.

it’s a serious issue and it needs to be brought to the attention of any person willing to place their information online.

you do it everyday, when you read my blog, whether you like me or not. if you read my blog on a daily basis, you definitely are cyber stalking. because i don’t know who is reading it. which is fine. i have no problem with it really.

but here is where it crosses a line: do not contact me via e-mail or phone or spread what i type to other people if i don’t know you read my blog. that’s just poor blog etiquette. don’t ask me why, it just doesn’t feel right.

essentially, just let me know you read my blog before you feel the need to contact me or spread what i type around to your friends, co-workers, or fellow bloggers. if you are cyber stalking me, let me know. i could even give you a shout out or something, unless i don’t really like you…
in my attempt to become a concise individual with little-to-no superfluous fluff, i have combined my 360.yahoo.com blog and the myspace blog.

it’s simple – combine random dialogue of the week from myspace with the occasional annoyances i sincerely describe on 360.yahoo.com.

so please bookmark the change: henceforth, jennijewel is now available at jennijewel.blogspot.com.

until i can figure out what all blogspot offers, pardon the dust. thanks!