He's on!

And the stage colors were in purple... Swoon!!

Naturally 7

Dang... An opening act... But they are actually pretty good. It's seven guys - think Boyz II Men - but they don't use any instruments. Pretty amazing. I'm going to download them this weekend!!

Waiting for Michael Buble!!

We're pretty high up, but we have a good view!! Start crooning, Michael!!


Why you don't talk politics with family

I thought my mom was bad when I told her who I'd be voting for... good grief:

Meet Jose Antonio Ortiz. The Pennsylvania man allegedly stabbed his brother-in-law in the stomach after the pair quarreled about their respective support of Democratic presidential candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. According to cops, Ortiz, 28, stabbed Sean Shurelds last Thursday night in the kitchen of an Upper Providence Township home. According to a criminal complaint, a copy of which you'll find here, the 41-year-old Shurelds, an Obama supporter, told Ortiz that the Illinois senator was "trashing" Clinton (apparently in regard to recent primary and caucus results). Ortiz, a Clinton supporter, replied that "Obama was not a realist." While not exactly fighting words, the verbal political tiff led to some mutual choking and punching. And, allegedly, a stabbing in the abdomen. Ortiz, pictured in the mug shot below, was charged with a felony aggravated assault count and two misdemeanors and jailed in lieu of $20,000 bail. Shurelds was flown to Hahnemann University Hospital, where he was admitted in critical condition.


My back hurts...Final thoughts on Barack Obama

After standing for a total of five and a half hours on Friday (the seat of my car never felt so wonderful), I was beat. And hungry. But also a little bit more excited about November 2008.

A little back story before I begin. My whole life I was raised as a conservative, a Republican. And I'm proud of that. I remember the signed autograph Gramps had in his office from Ronald Regan and thinking that was the coolest picture I've ever seen. I fondly remember being told by FBI agents in first grade that my dad needed to "move along now" after he discovered the somewhat secret motorcade route for Ronald Regan, as he was speaking at the Mesquite Rodeo in 1988. It was so cool that I got a wave back from Ronald Regan, even though he was probably wondering what these hillbillies were up to!!

I smile when I think about the letter from George Bush Senior I got in the mail that had a P.S. at the end of a ridiculous form letter mentioning something about my dog, Fefe. I’m pretty sure my parents have it saved somewhere in the closet. Or stupidly threw it away when we moved in middle school.

Essentially, I was taught to follow politics from a young age and how important it is to make your voice heard. I'm so proud my parents instilled that in me.

And I still hold a few beliefs on the Republican front, such as idea of limited government and some of the more libertarian-based economic beliefs.

But my issue is this– the current administration isn't limiting government (see Patriot Act as a prime example) and given the current mortgage crisis and pending (or currently existing in my opinion) recession, the root of the current state of economy lies in flawed legislation and the hope that our corporations can take care of themselves. It seems they can, at the cost of decent people's jobs and homes.

And I'm sorry, but "helping" people by giving them a month waiver on their mortgage or a $600 tax break in June isn't going to solve anything (and it kinda pisses me off because I can still pay my mortgage), just appeases the situation for awhile and gives a monetary spark to our economy that will fade as soon as the current administration rides into the sunset. And I'm also going to throw out the blame on the Democrat side as well for that stupidity... seriously guys, is that all you can come up with?!

I do like the idalistic view of corporate and personal decision making economics – but clearly, it's flawed to an extent. Many are not capable of personal decision making (cough, the large amount of individuals who fell for the sub-prime mortgages; COUGH – if it is too good to be true, it is people) and corporations like Exxon Mobil who make hand over fist in serious cash while charging me a crap load at the pump. Screw supply and demand economics here to explain their profits – something just isn't right.

Then last year I took this Washington Post-sponsored quiz on Facebook (stop laughing, I'm going somewhere) and realized that all the things I believe in (environmental responsibility, financially helping the needy through more government programs, even if that means I, as a higher tax bracket, have to pay more) speak more to my moral compass and Christian-based beliefs (except abortion, which I still am very much against) than the current state of the Republican party.

And I'm lucky and blessed to have a beautiful home and a decent amount of money in the bank. But many families don't have the opportunities I had growing up and they should – and we CAN fix that.

I'll say this – no party is perfect, right or accurate all of the time. If they were, we'd all be living in picket-fenced houses eating the same food, driving the same cars and all have X dollars in the bank. And living in 1984.

But we don't. And I'm sick and tired of the same crap coming out of politicians’ mouths and hearing the same arguments over and over again. And for once, someone wants to change that. And I hope he can. And after listening to him speak for an hour, he knows that it won't be easy and it may not be successful. But he's going to try. And I'm glad. Because even if he doesn't get elected, hopefully his campaign strategies are sending the right message to Washington.

And sidebar, I'm married to a libertarian, so it is a fun time in our house right now :)

Feel free to disagree with me, or agree – unlike some of the idiots I was standing next to at yesterday's rally (Not you Kristine... I'm talking about the guy that wouldn't shut up about "gay republican jenga." What on earth was that all about?!) – I don't judge, I don't make fun or insult individuals who share a differing political opinion than I do. Because when you do that, you continue to polarize this country and no one wins.

Oh and also, I don’t claim to know every and all aspects of politics – I’m just an average 26 year-old woman trying to make it in the world ;)

So, enjoy the pictures on my Facebook account from the rally with my witty descriptors. They're linked here (and there is also a link to Kristine's pictures that she took):



Best line of the evening...

"I'm black guy named Barack Obama, don't think I'm not tough."

The fierce urgency of now

Obama finally hit the stage..adressing his reasons for his candidacy. Citing MLK..his message: we can not wait.

Fierce urgency of now

He's a really good speaker... And he loves Austin!

He's speaking!

This pic sux! But we're close!

Go vote!!!

After tossing around some "obama balls" some speakers are discussing how to vote!! And they'll be opening offices in East Austin and the UT campus!

The obama wave

45 more minutes..people are starting to entertain themselves. The fella next to me failed sneaking in his 6-pack,but sure was successful in generating an Obama wave from the crowded center. .talk about a throw back of a bad middle school pep rally

We're bored...

And we still have another hour.

The mariachi band

I'm not going to lie, the violinsts need to work on their pitch... And the horn players should too =) the singers were okay.

T-minus two hours...

We're hungry. And I just realized it's going to take forever to leave.

Some more funny comments from the peanut gallery:
"It would be cool if Obama zip lined from the Capitol."
"It's Lindsay Lohan!!"
"Why aren't more people dancing?"
"Hilary needs to get off the Prozac."

And I've heard the term "gay Republican Jenga" one too many times.

Gotta run - the high school mariachi band is about to start.

"Does anyone know how to caucus?"

-one of the many random things being said that could be taken the wrong way...

Is it bad that my feet are already hurting?

Get your Barack on..

Finally made it through the line and standing in a crowd of people...t-minus 2.5 hours. We're about 30ft from the stage. . .bracing myself for the surge of body heat and odor..

Live: @ the Obama rally

Standing in line next to jenni and eavesdropping on people's conversations. Not really about politics but entertaining all the same...someone buy me an obama shirt!

The line.

Right now, Kristine and I are standing near 10th and Congress in a line that wraps around some buildings I don't know the name of. There are Obama volunteers, a man selling shirts, and a bunch of people handing out random fliers for random politians. Stay tuned!

T-Minus Four Hours...

...Until the Rally for Change! Wee!

Both myself and Kristine in my office will be live-blogging from jennijewel.blogspot.com this evening. Should be fun. Gates open in an hour, so get ready for some blogging fun soon!



Live from Austin...

Today, I'm testing out Blogger's mobile features as I'll be live blogging from tomorrow's rally at the Capitol with Obama!! So stay posted!


Yay, Sarah!

My sister found out last week that she got accepted into UT’s graduate art school – and is the top choice for their printmaking program! Yay! She’s still waiting to hear back from other schools, but she finds this such a validation of her work – rightfully so.

Anyways, when you get a chance, check out her work: http://www.sarahmsage.com/. Her main theme surrounds the concept of suppressed women through the ages, just in case you’re wondering why it’s a tad dark.

But then again, if you know my sister, she’s not exactly bright and cheery 24/7!

Some of you may think that my own artistic ability must be similar to hers, and you are quite wrong. I can draw, paint or create anything that resembles artwork. It’s quite hilarious actually. Next time you see me, try and get me to draw a stick figure ;)

Anywho, I just wanted to toot my sister's horn on her behalf, since she won't do it herself!