I honestly don't know when this happened. In the mirror, I look the same, talk the same, even act the same. But at some point between college and now, I turned into... a Fanboy.

Growing up, I never watched Star Trek or Star Wars. In fact, I made fun of the freaks who were really into those movies. And then I'd really go to town on the freaks who would discuss the merits of Star Trek versus Star Wars and which one was better. Whatevs. They're both dumb.

Then right after Justin and I got married, we decided to rent the first Star Wars for me to watch. And uh, at about 2 a.m. in the morning, I forced the poor chap to return to Blockbuster to pick up the next two... and then we watched the newer versions. I was hooked.

To be fair, a true Fanboy knows all of the crazy trivia and has a deep-seeded hatred for Trekkies. I know none of the trivia, and kinda liked the remake of Star Trek JJ Abrams did (because I heart anything that man comes up with, Alias, LOST, MI:3 - yes, even that horrible movie).

And I REALLY liked the movie Fanboy. In fact, if you enjoy the Star Wars and Star Trek movies, you MUST rent this movie. If just for the fact that Seth Rogen plays three different characters (including a hard-core Trekkie). Trust me, you'll thank me later!


Car Driving Tips #31-32

In Austin, you know if it's raining during rush hour you'll need to leave an extra 30 minutes to an hour before you normally do. But here are some not so obvious tips to keep your sanity during a wet commute into work.

#31: Don't swat at mosquitos while driving. You will only hurt yourself and still manage to get bit. Just roll down your window, brave the onslaught of rain coming through your now rolled-down window, and let the wind do the rest. Sincerely, your left hand (still throbbing from your failed attempt at mosquito death)

#32: Don't change lanes, a la Office Space. You will be Peter Gibbons and it will be frustrating. Sincerely, the Blue Hond Civic who cut you off, only to immediately want to turn left (with no turn lane available), sufficiently blocking traffic in your lane for five minutes while cars in the other lane speed by mocking your stupidity.


Car Driving Tips #28-30

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you'll see every once and awhile that I get fed up with drivers in this town. I've decided to switch these tips to my blog, just so I can describe the scenarios better. Today I bring to you Car Driving Tips #28-30:

#28: When on a highway, if a person changes lanes who is more than five seconds in front of you, at a rate of speed faster than what you are currently traveling, there is no need to slam on your breaks to assess the situation before returning to your regular speed. Sincerely, the person behind you.

#29: A yield sign is there for you to yield. Therefore, don't ignore my first horn blow as a mistake and give me a weird look they second time I honk. You have a yield sign. I don't. Right-of-way goes to me. Sincerely, the person who honked at you twice and still couldn't believe you were confused.

#30: Hot guys who drive Navy Range Rover's with lush brown leather seats should be banned from the roadways. Sincerely, the person who almost rear-ended the white Silverado while looking at said car/hot guy.


Dear God: What Hurts My Heart

Hi God:
The last several months have been quite trying. For some reason, odd-years always seem to be my bad life cycle or something. It’s actually kind of funny. Even years included graduating from high school, my marriage to Justin and the purchase (cough, mortgage payments) of our own home. Odd years were just funks -- jobless, fatness, and now broke-ness? That’s not a word and we’re not quite broke (though the legal fees and Justin’s lack of a job are getting us there fast!), but You get the drift.
But none of that bothers me as much as the liars, cheats and fakes that have plagued my life for the past six months. People that claim Jesus is their Savior yet their multiple decisions prove their is no Light in their hearts; individuals who are too scared to stand by what they believe in and what is TRUE; outright liars who are more concerned with saving their own butts at the cost of others; greedy individuals (not just around money, but with the term “but it makes ME happy”). Sigh.
All of it just makes me question this rat race. It makes me wonder about Christianity and its dark side -- people that praise Your name on Sunday and when it suits them. It makes me cringe at the thought that I may have inflicted any of the above unintentionally on others in the past, because I’m seeing first hand the damage that it is causing in my life and those around me. But I don’t think I have, thank goodness. And if I have, I ask for Your forgiveness and that of the people I hurt.
You know I’m not one to normally wear my beliefs on my sleeve for a variety of reasons (it’s personal (between You and me), it has the potential to come off as less than genuine, I respect and value others’ beliefs and decisions, etc.), but golly, is it really that hard to be a nice person? Is it really that hard to stand behind truth and what is RIGHT? Because I am more than happy to fall on the sword of my own making -- especially if it saves others from the brunt force of it. I just wish others had that same courtesy.
So, if you could, continue to help me be the person that others don’t have the strength to be -- strong in Your way, upholding of truth, considerate of others and the ability to forgive. Because right now, I’m having serious difficulty with that last one.
Thanks in advance,