Food and Exercise Log for February 9, 2010

For those of you visiting from the @fatroll blog, welcome. :)

Those of you who don't read @fatroll, quick recap. I'm starting to get pudgy again. I've slacked off on working out and eating healthy the past two months and my body is rejecting what I'm throwing at it. Upset stomach, headaches, etc. No more! Back to eating healthy and getting my energy through working out, not through caffeine in three cans of Diet Sunkist (mmm).

At the end of each day, I will post a screen shot of my food and excerise intake from LoseIt.com. (I use and adore their iPhone app. It may be the best reason to own an iPhone.) Feel free to add me as a friend if you want on there. And if you are looking for a way to lose weight (It's how I originally lost close to 20 pounds in Round 1 of @fatroll!), I highly recommend it. Plus, it's free.

Here you go. Day 1! Ping me if you have questions!