My LOST "Mixed Tape"

As some of you may know, Justin and I are throwing a huge "LOST" season finale party tomorrow, which should be loads of fun.

And a good hostess always should have party favors on hand. Check out my "Mixed Tape" of songs from the series:

LOST “Mixed Tape”
(No, this isn’t the “Best of Phil Collins” tape that Sawyer gives Kate in Season 3, but better)

Season 1
1. "Are You Sure?" By Willie Nelson
· Featured in the episode titled "House of the Rising Sun"
· Song was in Hurley's CD player
2. "Redemption Song" By Bob Marley
· Featured in the episode titled "Exodus, Part 2"
· Song was sung by Sawyer

Season 2
3. "Make Your Own Kind of Music" By "Mama" Cass Elliot (first appeared in Season 2)
· Featured in the episodes titled "Man of Science, Man of Faith", "Adrift", "Live Together, Die Alone", "Flashes Before Your Eyes"
· Song was one of the records in the Swan Station, the Listening Station and featured in Desmond’s bar in “Flashes Before Your Eyes”
4. "Stay (Wasting Time)" By Dave Matthews Band
· Featured in the episode titled "Abandoned"
· Song was playing in the background at Shannon's apartment
5. "Walkin' After Midnight" By Patsy Cline (first appeared in Season 2)
· Featured in the episodes titled "What Kate Did", "Two for the Road", "Left Behind"
· Song was one of the records in the Swan record player, played in the background on the radio in Christian Shephard's car and in the tow truck that picks up Kate
6. "The Right Girl for Me" By Frank Sinatra
· Featured in the episode titled "S.O.S."
· Played on violins at the restaurant when Bernard proposed to Rose

Season 3
7. "Downtown" By Petula Clark
· Featured in the episodes titled "A Tale of Two Cities", "One of Us"
· Song was playing on Juliet's CD player when she's preparing for the book club and on the car radio when Juliet and Rachel drive up to the guardhouse
8. "Building a Mystery" By Sarah McLachlan
· Featured in the episode titled "Flashes Before Your Eyes"
· Played in the background in Desmond's bedroom
9. "Wonderwall" By Oasis
· Featured in the episodes titled "Flashes Before Your Eyes", “Greatest Hits”
· Sung by Charlie on the street
10. "Shambala" By Three Dog Night
· Featured in the episodes titled "Tricia Tanaka Is Dead", "The Man Behind the Curtain"
· Played on young Hurley's radio and also played on the DHARMA van's stereo
11. Piano Sonata No. 11 in A major, K. 331 - "Andante grazioso" By Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
· Featured in the episode titled "Tricia Tanaka Is Dead"
· Played at Hurley's dinner
12. "Rump Shaker" By Wreckx-n-Effect
· Featured in the episode titled "Exposé"
· Nikki danced to this song
13. "Scentless Apprentice" By Nirvana
· Featured in the episode titled "Through the Looking Glass"
· Playing in Jack's car on his way to the memorial of someone close to him
14. "Good Vibrations" By The Beach Boys
· Featured in the episode "Through the Looking Glass"
· Charlie had to play "Good Vibrations" on the keypad inside The Looking Glass station to stop transmissions from being jammed

Season 4

15. "Prelude in C# Minor" By Sergei Rachmaninoff
· Featured in the episode titled "The Shape of Things to Come"
· Ben is playing this when Locke comes in to tell him that the phone rang


Walter -- Superstar

This morning around 6 a.m., the PupNut decided to wake me up to go potty. I wish he could hold it another hour, but he gets so excited when he starts to see sunlight.

Anywho, I open the door to let him go tinkle, and I hear this loud noise, like a really loud lawn mower or water running, something odd of the ordinary. I don’t pay much attention to it, because let’s be honest, I’m exhausted, and craw back into bed for another hour.

I get ready, still not thinking about the sound that I heard earlier, give my pup a pat, my husband a hug, and head out the door. I open up the garage and what do I see (besides a well-manicured, green lawn… about time!):

Yes, a school bus, film trucks, motorcycle cops, and the sound of a large generator. (The picture doesn't do the mound of vehicles on my street justice) I walk out a bit further and see a table set up on the sidewalk of my front yard. Since it’s in my front yard, I feel like I have the right to ask what the hey is going on. “We’re filming a movie.” No shit, Sherlock.

So the 411 – they’re filming a kiddie movie called “Shorts” in my ‘hood for the next month and rented out some of the “for sale” homes in the area to store equipment and use for the movie as sets. They also thought that the whole neighborhood knew and signed release forms. Errr, no. But I totally hope the Home Owner's Association haggled with them for a park/pool or something.

My plan was to originally figure out how to inject myself into the movie as an extra. But then I realized I have something so much more awesome to try and get in the movie – Walter. I have the most photogenic, adorable, well-behaved dog ever. So my goal is to somehow make my dog the star he is destined to be. I’ll let you know how it goes :) I’ve got a month.

UPDATE: A co-worker who lives in my neighborhood looked up the movie on IMDB (see:
http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1100119/) and guess who the director is?! Robert Rodriguez! WOOT WOOT! This is going to be a fun month :)