Wet Dog Food: Don't Fall For It!!

In the past, I've always liked to treat Walter to a spoonful of wet dog food mixed with his dry food once or twice a year. Usually I did this when he got sick and his little tummy couldn't handle the dry food. And the food would be from the veterinarian's office, which means it's specially formulated to help him out more than for taste alone.

But I decided to get the Purina One wet dog food on a bit of a whim and I have regretted it ever since.

This apparently amazing tasting dog food (I'm having to take Walter's "word" for it) must have crack in it, because it's turned Walter into a total sloth. A pig. A chubby shell of his formerly cute self.
All this dog can think about now is food. He wakes me up an hour before we normally get up and doesn't run to the door to be let out. No, he runs to his bowl and starts whimpering.

At first, I thought this was cute. So I would feed him, and watch him snarf down his food. Then he would let out a loud belch (which he's never done before) and then start begging for more food (which I wouldn't give him -- I don't need a fat dog on top of all of this).

So now I've cut him off cold turkey and went right back to his regular Purina One dry food (for sensitive systems... highly recommend it). And I think he's on a mini hunger strike. He still wakes me up before our normal time to get up, still runs to his bowl instead of the door, and then practically trips me as I go about my day, hoping that I will drop his crack wet food into his bowl. And whimpers the whole time.

It's driving me insane. And I don't know how to stop it. I love my dog like he's my child, but seriously Walls, you are causing me to lose sleep over this -- literally. I want my cute, cuddly, non-belching dog back.


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Michelle L. said...

Oh dear. Just ride it out and eventually he'll get used to his 'old' diet again. I had a vet tell me (with my now-departed kitty) that commercial pet foods, specifically Purina, were the equivalent of human junk food...McDonald's, etc. I only feed my new lovely kitty, Sadie, Science Diet. Good Luck, Miss Jen! :)