Some time ago...

In April 2000, I sat at a table during prom with a red-headed skinny boy who took my friend Jill to the prom. About a month later, that same red-headed skinny boy picked me up to go to orchestra banquet and was subjected to an unfortunate discussion on golf with my father. I’m quite surprised he didn’t turn around and leave right then. But he didn’t…

In August 2000, I cried with this same red-head (though not skinny at this point… dating packs the pounds) as he left for the West Coast. I’m pretty sure we both knew at that point where this relationship was headed.

And that same red-head proposed to me in my college apartment living room in January of 2003, which was a blast, even though we had purchased the ring together a few weeks before… and I may have worn it once or twice before it was “officially” given to me.

On March 13, 2004, that same red-head married me in a church full of close friends and family, smiling and crying like the secret sap he that he is (though not as bad as that time back in August!).

And now it’s four years later and I’m married to the best red-headed skinny boy (marriage apparently makes you lose weight) I could have ever dreamed of.

Happy Anniversary, BLonB.


My Plateau

About year and a half ago I was fat. I’ll admit it. Between getting married, struggling to find a job, being in a stressful environment, I gained weight. I wasn’t happy with myself, and every time I would try and work out, it wouldn’t last for more than two months.

I don’t exactly know what the final motivator was (actually, now that I think about it, it was a former co-worker Lindsay – hi! – telling me that she didn’t think an account I was on was working out). I really liked that account, and knew that my shit-tay attitude was due, in part, to my low self-esteem and weight issue. So I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and make a change.

Several months, a job change (but not before getting to a good place at the old job), and 25 pounds later, I’m at a plateau. I’ve made amazing changes in my workout habitsand *attempted* to eat better. I say attempted, because I truly believe that this is why I can’t lose the rest of my weight. I love food. I love good food. And I really love fine cuisine (I don’t even pig out on fast food or quick snacks… just good food).

Anyways, a co-worker of mine told me about this Web site called SparkPeople – think of it like a mix between Weight Watchers (except they aren’t just monitoring your caloric and fat and protein intake… but carbs, fiber, etc. and provide you with daily food planners) and Facebook. A place where you can lose weight, blog about it (which I know you know I love…. Haha), and be in an environment of people working just as hard as you.

So, if you are currently thinking about losing weight, wanting to maintain, or just want to check out my progress, I really encourage you to check out http://www.sparkpeople.com/jennijewel. And if you decide to sign up (the Web site is FREE), make sure you add me as a friend!



Goodbye, dear Trinitron

Many of you know that I love me some consumer electronics. I don’t know why, I just know that a lot of you come to me for advice, which is awesome. My fondness for all things consumer electronics stems from my dad’s love of gadgets. Commodore 64 aside, one of my favorite memories is Dad teaching me to set up the VCR at the age of four so he didn’t have to. Of course I didn’t realize that my dad was lazy at that age, I just thought he thought I was really smart (which, of course, I am).

But see, this wasn’t just any VCR, this was a VCR/Camcorder combo VCR from Panasonic. Probably the coolest invention ever. Maybe. Probably not. And that bad boy lasted from when I was three until probably 16, which is quite impressive. The only thing that surpassed it was the TV it was attached to, a Sony Trinitron 27” with wood paneling. Oh yeah, wood paneling. It was heavy, ugly and oh so big (for a little kid). And that bad boy lasted from the early 80s until my freshman year in college. And my dad only got rid of it because my mom wouldn’t stop bitching about how long it would take to turn on (a long ass time is how long).

So nostalgia hit home during my daily read at Gizmodo today. I learned that Sony is finally killing the tube TV, lovingly known as the brand “Trinitron.” *Tear* Sigh, I feel like it was yesterday that I was watching my favorite Disney movies on my Trinitron… oh wait, I own one of the newer versions of the TV and have Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid and Aladdin on DVD so it probably was yesterday. (I’m not kidding – my sister and I watched Aladdin on Friday)

But seriously, it was like I was 10 again, watching my favorite Disney movies my dad illegally dubbed (haha, dubbed) on the family Sony Trinitron and Panasonic VCR. Wow, the VCR is dead too. Man, I guess this is when you realize how old you are. Now kids have pink flat screen TVs in their room with their little Macs and iPhones. God, I didn’t even get my own landline phone in my room until seventh grade.

This post went depressing real fast. But I just got real happy when I saw Walter in my living room picture! Hi Walter!!

Side bar exciting news – the TV in the living room picture will be headed to the bedroom and replaced with a new Sony Bravia 46” LCD XBR! Happy day! We’re getting built-ins to finally rid ourselves of that blank wall that’s been plaguing our living room for the last two years. Woot woot! Can you tell? Sony has instilled customer loyalty in me since the tender age of four. Advertisers, you can’t buy this kind of loyalty.