A Change is in the Air...

Ah, Spring. While today may not look like it (at least here in Austin where it is muggy and rainy), I'm already looking forward to the sunny days of late April and May. Swoon -- those are the months to live in Texas. June-early September, errr... not so much.

I've already started the Spring Cleaning of the house -- and first up to bat was the mess that became my closet. Using the Ashley-method of closet organization, my shirts and dresses are now organized by the color wheel from sleeveless to long-sleeved. Skirts are organized by length and pants are organized from lightest to darkest. My shoes (which aren't as many as I thought, though Justin would beg to differ) are organized first by color, then by heel size. Then to help with dirty clothing sorting (Justin has a bit of an issue with putting colors in the white bin and white attire in the colors bin), I put signage above each bin to aide with sorting. And I took out the power tools and installed hooks to hang PJs, workout bags, hats, etc. Finally, I'm hanging some of my favorite shopping bags as decoration.

I can't wait to have people over to show off my fabulous new closet. Amazing how cleaning up the clutter makes you feel like your life is actually put together as well. I highly recommend it!