Blog Happy!

So, I've been posting a lot this week. Makes up for a few weeks there when I stopped caring... but never about you, oh loyal reader(s).

I just wanted to "promote" a book I have for sale: Mind Control 2. It's not really my book, it's Justin's, but I'm pretty sure I get the royalities.

So help me help you by purchasing this book. If that makes sense. Hmm...


Yes, a Cricket Violated Me

Yesterday evening, after a particularly stressful day at work, I got to enjoy some quality time with the better half.

For about an hour and a half, I got to play an invigorating game of tennis. By tennis, I mean, hitting the ball back and forth because I suck, and Justin is kind enough to lower his level of playing to match mine.

Anywho, about halfway into the game, tons of crickets start to appear. Like, hundreds. And they jump all over you, and they are getting squashed by tennis balls. Sort of funny.

But right as I’m about to serve to Justin, this cricket comes and hits me in the face, then falls onto my chest. I yelp, try and make him vacate the “chest-ial” region, and he gets stuck inside of my sports bra, right under my left boob. At this point, I have no idea what to do, and I feel him all being crickety on my body.

Justin, meanwhile, is trying to figure out why I suddenly dropped my racquet and started squirming like a worm.

Keep in mind that there are about five other tennis courts in this particular area, and I’m starting to draw attention to myself.

I think at some point, the cricket vacated the premises, but the thought of it “fondling” me made me a little insane, to put it mildly.

So I meet Justin up around the net and explain to him what needs to be done: look up my shirt and sports bra to make sure the stupid cricket isn’t still in there. Ugh, mortifying.

I hate crickets. Especially ones that get caught in your sports bra and fondle you.


Adventures in Car Shopping

A few weeks ago, Justin and I learned we would soon have to part with his beloved 1994 coupe. Depending on when its final day exactly is -- it could die tomorrow, or four months from now -- we decided to be informed consumers and spent the day test driving cars.

During the test driving process, you learn a few things about the better half. I would say compromises are made, but this car will be Justin's really, and so my say doesn't matter (well, to be honest, it matters about 20 percent, though not enough to make a difference).

Anyways, I learned I hate smooth-riding sedans. In fact, they piss me off. One of the cars I test drove handled some serious curves with gentle ease. I don't want gentle ease, I want gear-clutching, action-packed handling of curves.

Justin prefers gentle curves, and cute sedans are cute and pleasant to drive. In fact, we were looking through the brochures and his exact specifications were called "sophisticated." Mine, well, I don't know what it was called specifically, but certainly not sophisticated, more like, "Screw You, Bitches, I'm Passing Your Ass."

I'm sure law enforcement probably prefers the sophisticated option, but whatever.

Anyways, here's the front runners:

Jenni: 2007 Acura TL: all the gadgets and electronics a tech nerd like myself would want, with serious curve-handling features. Plus it's the cheapest of the three we drove.

Justin: 2007 Lexus ES 350: Because he is a freakin' pansy and doesn't like change. It's the closest feel to his current coupe.

I would compare our car preferences to other aspects in our life, but that's for a more PG-13 blog. I try to keep it PG, most of the time :)


Today’s random thoughts on:

1. Allergies: My eyes are itching, my nose is ridiculously dry, I think I’m running a fever, and my throat hurts when I swallow. I sense fall allergy season fast approaching!
2. Justin Timberlake’s new album: Oh, he’s definitely bringing sexy back; yum. The album is streaming on The Leak over at MTV, and I’m purchasing this CD on Tuesday. It’s seriously clutch.
3. Working Out: If there was a way for someone else to move my body instead of me doing it, that would be nice.
4. Computers: I really want a new one (just because, which is of course, ridiculous reasoning), but I’m trying to hold out until Vista launches next January – and then maybe a little after that, just so I know it will work well.
5. iPods: Apple is doing another one of their “secret announcements” tomorrow – maybe I’ll give Justin my Video iPod tonight as a “gift” and then purchase whatever they announce tomorrow – I hear it might be a “true” video iPod. I guess that is different than the “false” iPod I currently possess.
6. Walter: My dog is so awesome. There were some people next door from OSU, and they took a picture of my dog in his Longhorn jersey. I took him on a walk through the neighborhood, and we were getting shout outs all morning!


What a man needs?

I’m a girl.

I guess that was established a couple of years back, but I digress.

So I’m watching the movie, What a Girl Wants, on the Oxygen network, and there is this commercial, saying how the station is an all-women’s network and such.

The commercial features women ripping off their shirts to show their bras and it was kinda Super Woman-like.

But, the whole commercial made me think that Oxygen is not geared towards women, but in fact, men who are desperate for action, boobies, feelings, woman-y stuff.

I’d bet the average person, for example, would be surprised at the demographic who watches Sex Talk with Sue Johnson.

Just a thought.