This Week

It's weird. I can't tell if I'm looking forward to this week or not. I mean it starts off amazing but then the middle scares the crap out of me, and by the end of the week, I'm going to be struggling to eat appropriately during happy hour. :) Here's the rundown:
  • Monday: Leave work early to stand in line at the CMB for the DMB ACL taping. Um, awesome. This is going to blow my mine, at least, I hope it does, because I'm skipping my weekly Pilates class for this.
  • Tuesday: Day trip to Houston for work. Sounds miserable, but I'm presenting on a topic that I'm growing pretty passionate about (Twitter), so it's worth the five hours in the car.
  • Wednesday: Mediation day. Many of you may or may not know that Justin has been without a job since late March and is being sued by his former employer. I'll leave it at that, because I can't really say more than that. But I will say that Wednesday it may be all over -- and God -- that would be really nice. Working from home that morning to spend time with Justin prior to the meeting, and depending on my nerves, may go into work or hang out the house scared and worried.
  • Thursday: Weigh-in day!! Given I'm blowing off Pilates Monday, traveling Tuesday and will be a worried ball of mess Wednesday, I don't really know how that's going to result on the scale, but I'll save that analysis for another blog.
  • Friday: Breakfast meeting, work lunch and happy hour. Eww. That screams of "eat too much." Good thing I work out with my trainer on Fridays.
Wish me luck!


Justin + DMB = True Love

2000 was the year I was destined to experience love in a way I had only dreamed about in via cheesy romance novels or romantic comedies. I remember orchestra banquet that year, and Justin was my date -- I had asked him because, well, my first two choices wouldn't go with me. Ouch.

I remember walking up to Justin in the senior section of the school cafeteria (that was littered with underclassmen) and I was so nervous. I don't know why, because at the time, I didn't think I had a crush on him. Maybe it was because I didn't want to have yet another person turn me down.
And I remember his answer, "I'll have to check my calendar." Oh God, I remember thinking, that's it, I'm becoming a nun. Seriously, I looked into it and actually e-mailed a nun in Austin, where I'd be going to school that fall.

Later, Justin would tell me he had to clear it with his parents and actually make sure his schedule was clear. I'm sort of glad it was.

The night of the orchestra banquet was a total blast and I had an after party at my house that totally sucked because my mom had to work the next day and we had to be quiet. Sigh. But when Justin left that night from my house, it looked like he was going to kiss me. And I'm pretty sure I was like a deer in headlights because I was not expecting it. He chickened out, but luckily had the balls to ask me out about four weeks later.

And thus started our "summer fling" of no commitments, just enjoying each other's company. Look how that turned out:

  • Long-distance relationship between UT and Pepperdine with Justin and I running up thousands of dollars in phone bills
  • Long-distance relationship between UT and UNT until Justin could transfer into UT that fall with Justin sneaking down to visit me every once and awhile
  • Engaged by 2003
  • Married by 2004 (first dance -- and only dance -- was to DMB's Lover Lay Down); Walter joins the family
  • First home by 2006

But back to the summer of 2000 -- or as I like to call it, the Summer of DMB. Justin's car had a 12-disc CD player that had nothing but DMB in it. That's all he'd listen to, so by default, it's all I listened to in his car as well. I remember hearing Seek Up for the first time, and I simply fell in love. Over the years my favs changed from Seek Up to Satellite to the Stone to the Last Stop. But I have since settled on an oldie but a goodie -- Song that Jane Likes. The only time I've heard in it concert was in 2005, the first day of a two-day stint at the Woodlands in Houston (we had gotten Fifth Row seats the following night, which were amazing). Anywho, I think I cried. But I cry easily, so not a big deal. Ha.

It's so weird, because I feel like DMB's music has chronicled so many chapters of my life, good and bad (bad chapter is going on right now).

And today, I found out that I got tickets to see DMB at the ACL taping this Monday night on the UT campus -- the campus where Justin and I shared so many memories. It's just too much.

And it totally blows that he can't go. Like, I almost don't want to go (but I still am) because he won't be there. For me, seeing DMB without Justin is like attending your wedding sans groom. Luckily, I'll be going with Ashley -- but still. Totally blows. I hope he can get back from Dallas in time, but it's not looking likely. Breaks my heart.

So the plan is to sneak in my flip cam and then record the entire concert on my iPhone so he can listen to it. Hopefully I won't get kicked out, but Justin has been through so much this year, that he needs this. So I'm going to be the team player I am and deliver.

Because to me, DMB has a silent member and his name is Justin. Check out my Facebook page for some additional retro pictures.

I'm Back, Really... This Time for Real

I'm seriously hanging my head in shame. I haven't updated this blog since some friends of mine and I started @fatroll.

Anywho, I've realized I do need an outlet for anything I do not related to freakin' losing weight OR exercise. So here is the random thought:

Is it wrong to still want to hang up a picture of Zach Morris...err, Mark Paul Gossellar in my cube at work? It's like a grown-up high school locker anyways. If you haven't checked out the latest version of People with the whole gang together again (except for loser Screech)

Freakin' yum.