I love how I counsel my colleagues (and former clients) that one shouldn't start a blog if you aren't committed to updating it at least once a month. And looking at my last post (dated July 26), I'm feeling a bit hypocritical right now.

I could tell you I've just been too busy (I have) or I haven't had anything to blog about (that's not true), but I think the truth is I'm in a bit of a social media rut. Between work, Fatroll (my lack of posts there coincide with a weight gain... sigh), Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn -- I'm worn out. I've been doing social media before it was cool, so I feel like where I'm at is where the rest of the world will be at in two years.

I'm not telling you to go and short Facebook stock (it's not even public, so it would be hard to do anyways), but I have an eerie feeling I'm not the only one who finds enjoying life and people face-to-face is way more fun that staying glued to my phone/laptop/Twitter feed/Facebook status updates/etc.

So now, I'm going to go back to bumming on my couch with my bum-partner-in-crime (Walter), listen to The Saint soundtrack from 1996 or something and re-read Harry Potter and avoid people until tomorrow.

Later ;)

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