Merry Christmas!

So my first Christmas hosting went off without a hitch, like I thought. I truly owe its success to some wonderful cooks (okay and I cook too!), last-minute shopping options, and family.

Highlights include a two-year old running scared to the
first grandmother (never met her before either!) in sight after getting a Christmas gift, Justin’s homemade present for his mom, a new scarf, Sponge Bob Square Pants, (my personal favorite – stress) and Walter enjoying his new ball bone.

I hope you had as much fun as I did this holiday season, and I look forward to 2007 – who knows what’s in
store?! Okay, definitely not that, but definitely this in Las Vegas. Sweet.

Merry Christmas!


Rubik's Cube

I saw a Rubik's cube last night standing in line at Walgreens...

And today in my cube, something is completely rancid, and I can't figure out what it is... maybe it is in the cube next to me? I don't know? Make it stop? AHH?

I'm ready for the holidays :)


Christmas Preparations

Christmas 2006 will be know to the JB clan as one of two things – a) The year Jenni put on the best Christmas family gathering ever, or b) The year Jenni screwed it up.

It’s a lot to have on your shoulders, honestly. Part of it is because I’m so anal – everything must be so unachievably perfect, or I risk crying really hard.

So preparations for a Sunday the 24th D-Day (C-Day?) began Saturday. I started by getting out the trusty Dyson from the Harry Potter closet (if you’ve been to the house, you’ll know what I’m talking about), and attaching multiple vacuum attachments to it in one hand. The other hand held Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser. Then I had my trusty cleaners in my bathroom carrying tote in the third hand. I get a little beasty when cleaning, as Justin can attest… I take on supernatural powers too.

So Saturday and Sunday I cleaned like I have never cleaned before – every nook was spotless, every corner was free and clear of dust and cobwebs. I probably spent a grand total of 12 hours cleaning, and I still have half of the kitchen, the master bedroom and bathroom, and all of Justin’s upstairs to go.

So, here’s to wishing I didn’t use all of my supernatural powers this weekend, because it’s going to be a long week. At least all of my Christmas shopping is done.



So, a former co-worker of mine that I worked with on a bunch of projects is the same woman whose husband was found on the mountain in Oregon.

I found out this morning on the radio that they IDed her husband, and I kinda just crawled into bed with Justin and gave him a hug. Unfortunately, he was asleep and doesn't remember -- not the point though.

Today, just give those you love an extra hug, tell them how much you appreciate them in your life. Especially this time of the year.

So, much love everyone... have a happy holiday and cherish the ones you are with.


It’s Christmas – Let’s Get Sloshed!

So I’m pretty sure when Christ was born, the Lord wasn’t downing a ridiculous amount of wine to celebrate his son’s birth. Just a guess, and God – feel free to comment, as long as you are a Blogger Beta member. If not, feel free to reach me directly on my e-mail.

Since Christ’s birth however, man has turned Christmas time into more of a party-type atmosphere. Specifically, during the work “Christmas Party” – better known as the “Holiday Party” to avoid being sued for infringing on non-Christians beliefs, or lack thereof. But I digress.

The “Holiday” party for your work typically consists of general mingling with those you already spend 40+ hours with on a weekly basis. Do we really want to spend that much time with work-folk? According to a recent study conducted by myself and based on no statistics or discussion with others, we’re pretty indifferent.

The tipping point to those attending such a party is this – free booze. My work “Holiday” party had a substantial amount – full bar to be exact – for more than two hours. It’s like Wedding Crashers or something, except you go for the booze alone and not random hook-ups.

However, what is the motivation for individuals to attend “Holiday” parties when no free booze is offered? Take for example my husband’s work. Apparently, his work party is on a Thursday from 4-6 p.m. – serving only appetizers. We aren’t going either. Now, granted, my husband doesn’t drink and I have to actually work that day, but the point is, I’d at least try and leave work early if free booze was involved and my husband was actually going (he is in a golf tournament that day). But citing that same study from the above paragraph, who wants to hang around people you already have daily/hourly contact with if there is no incentive?

Just a thought, and my study is free to interpretation. So feel free to interpret in the comment section. You too, God. I know you want to.