Preparing for LOST... how to do a watching party right.

February 2, 2010. If I have to take the day off from work (or the next day off to digest what occurred on this day), I will.

This quite possibly, is the most important day of the year for me, until a TBD date in May when the series finale of LOST will occur and my mind will be blown -- or I will be hella pissed off -- because of the awesomeness.


A New Decade...

January 13, 2000, 9 a.m.: If it was an "A" day, I am currently sitting in Coach Hall's Calculus class three seats behind the young man I would eventually marry, pretending to solve an anti-derivative while I secretly play Tetris on my TI-86 calculator. The thought of even kissing the boy would have most likely resulted in hysterical laughter. Hahaha.

If it was a "B" day, I am currently sitting in my English class discussing some Shakespearean play while also talking about our happy place and "the good ice." (some of you will get that reference)

Most importantly though, my mind is wondering if I will get accepted into the University of Texas (the only school I applied to... stupid move or genius, you decide) and if I will get enough scholarship money to afford to attend the school.