The intriguing weekend

I guess that I had a fairly productive weekend. I mean, I sat around a lot, worked out a little, and saw some fairly interesting things.

Interesting thing #1:
I was getting my hair cut on Saturday (and maybe my hair colored… which by the way, I accidentally went blond… whoops!) and this little girl was sitting next to me with her mom. Her mom had some fried out blond hair, will have skin cancer by the age of 40, and was wearing too much makeup.

The daughter? Well, she had the most gorgeous brunette hair, was eight years old, and getting platinum blond highlights for the first time. I was so pissed off. I mean, I guess ultimately it is the mother’s decision to do that to her daughter, but geez, wait until she is in middle school, not when she just completed the second grade.

Interesting thing #2:
This guy at Kirbey Lane South looked like my granddad. Probably not that interesting, but I thought so J

Interesting thing #3:
Mexican Vanilla ice cream and the fat free/sugar free yogurt version at Amy’s Ice Cream is about the same. Maybe not as creamy, but still dang good.

Interesting thing #4:
Matrix Three isn’t as bad as people told me was (cough cough, my husband). I mean the almost grotesque use of “g-dang” is borderline ridiculous, but take that out (and this weird nipple scene) and it isn’t half bad ;)

Interesting thing #5:
The Crunch Dance Party workout video confirmed what I already knew: I am not capable of any type of dance moves. I stopped after twenty minutes and did pilates instead. It made me feel better.

Anyways, I have a headache and I’m about to go to bed! Night!



Walter is the best dog ever. I think we have established that with extensive evidence.

Friday was a bad day, because I found out Walter might have a fatal disease. But I don't want to talk about it because it makes me sad.

What I do want to talk about it how effin' cool my dog is!

Case in point:

OMG, my dog is so awesome... I had the jersey specially made for him, and hopefully at the start of the football season, he'll be wearing it every Saturday, and on the first day Vince Young plays for the Titans.

Go long Walter!


Jenni's Gone Viral!

Hi guys,
As most of you know, I work for a PR agency and I do a variety of activities on the behalf of some pretty cool clients. My team has launched a viral Web site for one of our clients, Smoothie King, and I encourage you to check it out, sign up, submit a video and forward videos onto your friends. Here's the link: http://www.extremecastingcall.com

If you dont participate on my behalf, then do it for the prizes! If your audition gets chosen as a winner (Ted, this is calling your name!!!), you could win one of three fabulous prizes! Heck, if you forward on videos to your friends, youre also eligible to enter for prizes!

Unfortunately, if you are related to me (Becky, Kennie, Robbie, and Kristy, my sincerest apologies) you are not able to win anything, but for those of you with no Jenni or Justin blood flowin through your veins, you are eligible.

AND FORWARD ON TO YOUR FRIENDS. PLEASE!!!! Even relatives!!! Put a link on your page, do something!!! I want this to go viral and be showcased on the Web shows on VH1! Ha!

So ham it up folks, and visit http://www.extremecastingcall.com for more information on how to enter!


Babies, and how I'm not having any :(

Justin had the wonderful opportunity to baby sit Colin (shown here), a very cute, adorable and active cousin of his, while Colin’s mom and I went shopping.

I don’t think Justin quite knew what he was getting into, as he willingly offered to watch Colin. Someday, Justin is going to make a terrific dad, and I’m incredibly excited about the prospects of having adorable little red heads running around our house someday. But now is not the time.

By the time we returned five hours later, Justin didn’t even get a chance to say hello or bye, as he ran away.

Yes, he ran away, went to go chill out by purchasing baseball cards. It was almost comical really – he looked fried. Colin on the other hand, was still going strong, running around in nothing but a t-shirt and diapers.

After Justin returned, I was informed I (he said “I” referring to me, but really, I think he was referring to himself) am not ready to have children, saying I couldn’t handle that. He’s the one that ran out the second we got home. Nerd.

HAHAHA… I was like, seriously Justin, it isn’t like the Lord has women popping out two-year olds. That’s why you have a nine-month incubation period, and the baby starts off tiny and grows into a crazy kid. It’s so you have time to adjust.

So my attempts to have babies, quit my job, etc. have been foiled for the next two to four years, as I could not handle it. Dang it.



I’m in a writing rut.

Rarely am I at a loss of words for my blog. More often than not, I rely on my blog writing to jumpstart the writing that I get paid to do; alas, it appears that the tables have turned.

I’ve knocked out three draft press releases this week and some web copy, painlessly I might add. Usually it would take me days, weeks, kick in the pants by an individual known as Mighty Tejana. It’s like, gross, really, how much stuff I have jammed out on this week.

I mean, usually the blog is almost this epicenter of all the crappy crap in my head that I have to get out in order to write decent stuff. Now, I have no crap in my head to spill.

Instead, I’m left with a willingness to actually write stuff I’m supposed to write on.

This doesn’t make any sense, which of course, is perfect, because I’d rather be writing nonsensical items here instead of somewhere else.


God Bless America… and Mexican Beer!

I guess the Fourth has different meaning for everyone, and I’m no different.

There are parents praying for the safe return of their sons and daughters from Iraq, war veterans recalling previous battles and what they fought for, while others find it an opportunity to celebrate a day off from work for fun, food, and drunkenness.

But for me, I find it a chance to reflect on my granddad, who passed away five years ago today. I always have a rough go at it in the weeks leading up to the Fourth, I guess because his death was the first and only passing I’ve ever witnessed. To be honest, I hope I never see something like that again, but I suppose I’m lucky to have lived to 19 and never witnessed someone dying in front of you.

So this morning, I woke up, cried a little, remembered what a true American stands for, and spent the day with Ashley and her family out in Comfort. I was thinking about going home to Dallas, but I had to work yesterday, and I found out my mom had to work. That and my family never talks, reflects, discusses the Fourth and Gramps’ passing, so I figured, what’s the point?

Comfort, Texas is about an hour and a half southwest of Austin, between Kerrville and San Antonio on I-10. It’s a beautiful drive through the Hill Country, and there is nothing quite like a serene 70-mph drive on Hwy. 290 through Johnson City and Fredericksburg while listening to Madonna and Kelly Clarkson. Haha. God bless crappy, yet awesome pop music.

I got there in time to see a traditional July Fourth parade, complete with “Little Miss Comfort” pageant contestants and their floats. After a few good laughs at the fake waves these girls were tossing out to the crowd, I quickly realized they must be taught to wave like corpses. I also learned that a horizontal oval looks much better in presentation than the more common circle wave.

But probably the best float/parade moment was the Mexican float. Now, I hate being stereotypical, but this totally went down!

So, their float was just a big trailer, not decorated, with people just sitting in the float, not really doing anything. And
instead of throwing candy to the children like the rest of the floats, they had coolers filled to the brim with, take a guess, Mexican beer. AND they were passing the stuff out to the crowd along the streets!! HAHAHAHAHA! I couldn’t stop laughing, and if I had thought before I left my house the morning, I totally would have grabbed my camera for a blog picture opportunity!

Only in Texas would that stuff go down, and only a city south of Waco and outside of the Bible Belt would something like this be approved as a valid parade float. HAHAHA.

So, happy Fourth -- and happy shortened work week!